Behind The Beans

Trouvaille exists to cultivate meaningful connections and experiences. We are a mission and value minded company that strives to be better each day by putting what we believe at the heart of what we do.

We source from all over

We work hard to source the best quality of beans for your cup of joe. We build meaningful relationships with everyone in the process from the farmers to the importers to the roasters and your barista.






Costa Rica

Our Story

Coffee for me has always been the place where important conversations in life have centered around. From my Wife and I’s first date to catching up with old friends, coffee has been the center of it all. I quickly realized that working in coffee was so much more than slinging shots behind the bar, but rather building meaningful connections and experiences with customers and co-workers. I had come up with the name Trouvaille as I wanted the name of my company to capture a feeling that someone would have when drinking a cup of my coffee or walking into a cafe.

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